Things I wish someone had told me before setting out to lose weight. 

I originally posted this on Facebook July 19, 2016 but am bringing it back now. It’s important. 

What I wish someone had told me before I set out to lose weight. 

Setting on a journey to lose 110 pounds has by no means, been easy. It has been one of the most rewarding yet the most mentally exhausting things I’ve put forth (marathon training is a close second). While I’m not at goal, I have learned a lot over the past five years about what I wish I had known when I started my weight loss journey. 

1. You are going to take two steps forward and one step back on a regular basis. Every time I think I’ve got it “down”, there’s a hitch in the giddy up. I have not just consistently lost weight and made it to goal. I’ve had personal set backs which have caused me to maintain or gain a little weight back and that’s just part of life. Things happen. Situations come up. Vacations, events and rough patches will make you feel like the work you’ve done is instantly undone in moments. But if you keep moving forward you’ll eventually make it. 

2. You are going to need to find a balance. Thinking I can lose weight and maintain by living an unbalanced life is not reality. Life cannot be all about zucchini noodles and cardio. Every once in a while it’s ok to veer off plan and skip a workout or eat something that’s not your usual routine. You have to have those things in life to be balanced. You can’t have all or nothing, but you can enjoy indulging in moderation. 

3. Sometimes you need to “start over” and sometimes that need to start over will happen many times in one day. There have been so many times my resolve disappears when I walk in the breakroom to refill my water bottle and see the tempting snacks sitting on the table. Sometimes I find myself face first in a brownie, only to pull myself together and find myself face first into another brownie just an hour later. It’s ok to keep starting over. Just don’t quit and don’t beat yourself up. 

4. Enjoy every part of your journey along the way. Don’t “wait til I get to goal” to celebrate your body and try new things. Want to go ziplining? Then go! Want to wear a bright red dress to an event? Do it at whatever weight you’re at. Don’t put life on layaway. 

5. Be open and honest about your struggles. Sometimes it can feel like you’re such a martyr for a healthy lifestyle but if you need help then ask for it. You don’t have to always represent the perfect health and fitness guru. We all have struggles. You’ll get out of your struggle easier if you express your feelings. 

Losing weight is hard but so is being overweight. Which hard do you choose?

5 thoughts on “Things I wish someone had told me before setting out to lose weight. 

  1. Thank you for sharing…..

    something most of us just continue to put off and use it as an excuse to not begin a new journey.

    Best wishes


  2. I also have to remind myself I did not get over weight overnight. It took time, and it will take time to lose it. These rapid loss things are bull. These pill you see advertised on tv are unhealthy for you. The healthiest weigh loss is a pound to a pound and a half per week. No more.


  3. Thanks for sharing great things to remember . I had my weight off for six years . Then my husband had cancer. I tried but slowly my weight kept going up. My husband lived for 3yrs 2 months and 1 day. It’s been ups and downs since but have hit goal only to creep back over my 2lb grace but am determined to get it off and maintain once more I know I did it for 6 yrs before I know there will be times is stressful things in life but I did it once and I can do it again


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