This week in running: July 30-August 5

Hello! How are you? Me, I’m great. 

There are 18 weeks until the California International Marathon as of the first day of my run week this week (Sunday, July 30), where I will tackle 26.2 for the second time 😬. Here’s a recap of what the week looked like!

Sunday, July 30th: 14 mile long run

14 mile long run, 3:02:56. I started too late and it was HOT. I regret that I let myself sleep in. I need to break that habit. At least there were cows. 

Monday, July 31st: rest day. Also, eat all the things day. 

I had a terrible case of the runchies. I ate everything in my lunch box, a reserve snack from my desk drawer, and polished off a whole bag of dried mango at the supermarket. Oops. 

Tuesday, August 1st: 3 miles easy

It was hot and I was overdressed but it was a good shake out.  Where did this heat come from????

Wednesday, August 2: Speed Work

The heat REALLY got to me and I had to cut my Speed Work back. I ran 5 instead of 6 miles and wasn’t all that speedy. Luckily I didn’t get sick, which is what I was worried about.  I love Speed Work day a lot. I didn’t go to the track for it, which was a mistake. Lesson learned. Also, no cows, so that was a bummer. 

Thursday, August 3: Five easy miles (but actually I ran zero) 

My husband and I went to dinner because I was even too tired to cook. I got home from work, was lying on the floor, unable to form a real sentence because I was a sleepy lady.  I was getting frustrated with myself about skipping my run but when I was even too delerious to decide what I wanted to eat, I decided skipping running was wise. 

Friday, August 4: Rest Day

The alarm was set way too early because….

Saturday, August 5: Easy 3 miles (which I ran at a 5k with my family)

It was my dad’s first 5k. I told him I was taking it easy, which I think he was okay with because we actually ran the whole thing as a group. It was so fun. I am so glad we did it. Then afterwards, I took my brother to breakfast at a Filipino restaurant. 

And that’s a wrap for this week!

Miles on training plan: 31

Miles run: 25.1

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