This week in running: August 6-12

Hello! How are you? Me, I’m great. Here’s a recap of my running week!!

Sunday, August 6: 14 mile long run with hills for strength training, but really I did six hill miles

I totally blew it on this run because I should have woken up literally two hours earlier than I did in order to get in all my miles. I didn’t realize that we would have to leave our house at 9:30 AM for the baseball game that Mr. FtoF took me on a date to. I thought we would leave around 11. Oops!  But I did what I could. 

Monday, August 7: Rest day, aka I made my husband go to the running shoe store with me to buy new shoes 

Out with the old (left) in with the new (right)

Yay new shoes! I got the same New Balance 860s I’m currently in but in wide width. The ones on the left have probably about 210 miles on them. The ones on the right are brand new and I’m getting them ready for some fun times!

Tuesday, August 8: 4 easy miles

I got in four easy miles. Felt good. My calves were tight because I forgot to roll them out Sunday, and between all the hills I ran and the miles I walked for the ball game, my legs were not happy with me. Oops. 

Wednesday, August 9: Speed Work!

I think Speed Work day is the greatest day and I always look forward to it. I haven’t been incorporating it for a long time, just a few months, but it’s so satisfying. I had a one mile warm up, 6×400, and a one mile cool down. I prefer to go to a school track for that and went to the local middle school for it. Bonus, I got new workout pants for $3.50 so I wore them 😊

Thursday, August 9: 5 easy miles (but I ran four)

By the time I get to Thursday in my run week I’m a little tired and so I’ve been pretty horrible at doing what was assigned to me. I need to figure out how to have the energy for that. (Hint: I think it involves getting more sleep 🙄)

Friday, August 11: rest day

I have come to appreciate rest days so much more now than ever. I think because I take less of them than I did last year. 

Saturday, August 12: 3 easy miles

Since I stayed up way past my bed time last night I was a sleepy little lady but I got in my three miles. 😊. Then got in bed for a nap. 

Two weeks til my next half marathon!  And about four months until my marathon!

Cheers to running!

Miles on training plan: 29.5

Miles run: 20.5 😫

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