Hi! How are you? Me I’m great. I’m on my lunch break and eating a great sandwich. 

On Saturday at my weight watchers meeting, they gave us a little sticker that said “commit” on it, and my leader asked us where we were on a scale of 1-10 with ou commitment. I sheepishly admit I’m probably at a 7.  I am commit to being healthy but I haven’t made the leap from 7 to 10… meaning if I was at a ten, I would probably be eating a salad instead of a turkey, cheese and avocado on sourdough wth everything except mustard and pickles for lunch. 

I shared with my group that I’m commit but need a leap to get from seven to ten because I’m commit to maintaining, which a fellow member pointed out that sometimes you’re more commit when you’re struggling because the payoff isn’t as great. 

About a year ago I was at my (old) job and someone walking behind me told me I looked great and asked how much weight I had lost. I was feeling so good about myself. I had a pair of size six shorts and a pair of pants from the kids department that I wanted to wear always. It was easy to stay commit when you knew the “you look good!”s, or “how much have you lost?”s or the “I didn’t even recognize you!”s are being spouted constantly. 

But no one ever stops you and says “wow, you look great, how much weight have you gained?!?” And when you’re in those moments, it requires real strength and commitment to progress forward. It is so easy to eat the fries instead of the side salad when you’re struggling because it’s easy to just throw in the towel. It becomes easy to skip a workout because “to hell with it, my body isn’t changing anyway”. But I don’t. And you don’t. And in those moments and where I am right now, I am thinking that maybe I am more of a ten than I give myself credit for because my commitment, desire and strength comes from a place of just me.  My own motivation to be my best self. 

I’m not motivated because I’m hearing the constant compliments. 

I’m not motivated because I see my sizes or weight changing. 

I am motivated because I know I’m commit to myself. 

So in those moments you think you’re not commit because you’re not seeing results, just remember that you are commit because you’ve made a promise to yourself to be happy and healthy. 

So I am in fact, a ten in my commitment today.  And I’m just a ten in general becuase I am fabulous!

What about you? Where are you at?  Cheers to commitment!

One thought on “Commitment. 

  1. I always tell my hubby that I wish someone would tell me my face was rounder so I would become a 10 and be committed again. I loved hearing you look great, your face is slimmer. I will get back there!


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