How to make 2018 my best year yet.

I usually set goals. Big ones. And then I spend a lot of energy focusing on the goal, and not on the process to get there. Im changing the way I look at my goals for next year. I’m excited to brainstorm my desired outcomes (not goals necessarily), of achievements that I can see myself accomplishing as long as I put the work in to get there.

I am ready for some kick butt stuff in 2018, but need to trust the process and allow success to follow. Here’s what I hope for!

1. Desired outcome: PR my half marathon time. Action plan to get there: stay consistent in being active.

I have been hoping to PR my half marathon time (2:26:01) for over a year. I have not been looking at it the right way. When I set that PR, it was an 11 minute achievement over my previous PR. I did not expect it AT ALL. I had, however, been eating well, training well, and staying consistent, which led to a huge and unexpected accomplishment. For the last year I have been signing up for races and hoping I was capable. Next year I am not going to set timelines on races. I’ll sign up for them when I feel like running one, and so long as I kick ass and work hard, my PR will come when I have earned it and not simply because I want it.

2. Desired outcome: get to my goal weight. Action plan to get there: actually eat better.

I have been so inconsistent with my eating lately and have not made any effort to cook meals or make the best choices when eating out. I can’t just get to my goal weight because I half ass my tracking and show up to Weight Watchers each week. Which is what I have been doing. It’s time to do it. For reals.

3. Desired outcome: less stress. Action plan to get there: take on less.

I spend lots of energy on relationships of people who don’t give me the same energy back. It drains me. I spend lots of energy setting ambitious goals and I’m going to dial those back. I spend a lot of energy thinking about what’s coming next and trying to create plans and structure. I’m going to do less of that. I’m going to do more of what renews me and less of what dissolves me. More reading, running, blogging. Less stressing. I’m excited to go with the flow.

2018 is going to be the best year. 2017 was great and taught me a lot about myself, and I think I saw amazing personal growth in myself.

Cheers to 2018! Let’s be the best we can be.

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