The other day I was at the coffee shop before work getting my caffeine fix. I was behind a customer who ordered a large iced drink with half and half, multiple pumps of syrup, four mini pastries and a full size pastry, warmed up.

This isn’t a reflection of judgement on the customer. It is a reflection on me.

I stood in that line and watched the banana bread go into the toaster and get crumbly and warm. I saw the cream color of the coffee drink that can only be achieved by the perfect balance of cream and sugar. And I felt a little sad. I miss those kinds of meals.

I walked up to the counter and ordered a double shot of espresso and egg whites with a sense of jealousy. And wished I was nibbling on mini scones and drinking a medium soy iced chai with an add shot of espresso. And the barista handed me my usual and I reflected.

I felt disappointed that I couldn’t have those pastries and that warm gooey banana bread for breakfast.

Then I reframed.

I’m wrong.

I CAN have those things for breakfast. I can have that, and a super burrito for lunch and a burger and fries for dinner. I can spend my free time doing nothing, and going through way less loads of laundry if I didn’t exercise as often and have to constantly wash my clothes. I can have tons of money by not having a running coach, a gym membership, and signing up for races.

It’s not that I CANT eat what I want, spend less money, and not force myself to fight mental battles to workout when I would rather go home and read.

I CAN do all of those things.

But those things aren’t the things that make me who I am and help me achieve the goals I have.

So next time I HAVE TO order the eggs instead of the muffin and the espresso instead of the whole milk latte, I will remind myself I GET TO do those things because they are supportive of who I am and the goals I have.

And you GET TO make those choices too! ❤️

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