Staying True to You

I love my little blog and everything it is. But it’s been an interesting exercise in identity for me because my reach has grown. I’ve had some scenarios lately where I’ve really stepped back to think about this page and my goals to portray with the world.

First scenario, someone told me they were offended by the name of my blog.

I had commented the name of my blog somewhere and someone informed me that the notion “Fat to fit” was upsetting to them. That I was saying being fat was a bad thing. This really threw me for a loop. I was upset for a multitude of reasons, and apologized for the discomfort. But after stepping back I realized that the title of my journey is just that… it is mine and my story to tell. It was a moment of reflection for me… do I change my name? Do I justify the name? Do I remove my blog? But after stepping back I realized I didn’t want to change anything about my story, for now. I want to keep telling it.

Second scenario, a brand reached out to me to be an ambassador for their activewear… but I don’t think they actually carry sizes my followers wear… or my size.

Running this little blog has opened up lots of opportunities (all ambassador ships I have applied for, this was the first to be asked outright of me), so they all have meaning to me. In this instance, though a neat opportunity, I identify that I could not in good conscience support a brand I know nothing about while also running a blog that is about body strength and acceptance at all sizes, without having a bit larger sizing, including my own!

Mostly I just want to make commentary that while this post is specific to the blog, it comes full circle in real life. Be true to you, even if you feel questioned, pressured, or a cool opportunity comes to you but it doesn’t feel right for where you’re at in life.

Cheers to being happy and healthy and true to you!


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