The most expensive sports bra I ever bought

Hi! How are you? Me, I’m great. I’m getting ready for the Eugene Marathon this weekend! I’m running 13.1 and Mr. FtoF is running 26.2. Woohoo!

To prepare for this momentous adventure, I decided to spend my Title Nine gift card on a sports bra. There are no T9’s where I live but I was down near one last weekend so I decided to spend it.

Let me just confess… I buy my sports bras off the clearance rack at Target. Yes folks. I do. I pay usually no more than 9 dollars for a sports bra. Sometimes I pay attention to impact level and sometimes I don’t. It’s pretty bad. I buy bras with sizes like large and medium but apparently I should be getting ones with actual sizes. Oops. I also just assume that if the sports bra is a little tight it is the right fit. Nope! Can still have bounce and cause discomfort. I learned a lot on this experience!

I also have sports bras that are years old. Like your shoes, you’re supposed to rotate your bras out after a few months. Also, if you lose or gain weight you’re supposed to get new sizes.

I have done none of those things.





To be honest, the thought of trying on Sports Bras that cost ten times what I’ve paid for any other sports bra made me die a little inside. Thank goodness I had a gift card. I didn’t choose the one in the photo. I tried a few on and this was the last one.

It was my intention to review all the ones I tried on but I was a little overwhelmed. The woman at the Title Nine store who fit me was so kind. We talked extensively about underwires, racerbacks, colors, preference, impact levels and more.

(By the way Title Nine is a main sponsor of Mermaid Series! I had on my Mermaid garb and the sales ladies asked me if I was a Mermaid Athlete. You know it!)

She measured me and fit me and we walked through the wall of options and picked a few and the nice sales associate helped me get into my booby traps (see what I did there 🤣) and we talked about what I liked and didn’t like. It was kind of exhausting to wiggle in and out of so many. Be emotionally and physically prepared for when you go.

I was so nervous about my chubby runner belly and stretch marks and someone seeing me in all my glory, but the sales woman made me feel fabulous about myself. My grand total came to $75 and some change 😳. Thank you gift card. THANK YOU GIFT CARD. I could have signed up for a race with that much money!

I chose the Brooks Juno. I liked that it felt a lot like other sports bras I already own. I picked the bold print though cause that’s very me.

The next day I took it out on a long 8 mile run. It was so comfortable. I felt really supported. No bounce. Very comfortable and breathable. Something the Target clearance rack hasn’t given me.

So long story short, if the Eugene Marathon expo has a booth where I can more of these magical bras, I’ll need to get more.

I also am promising you I’ll throw out the sports bras I own that are older than the current presidential term by the end of next month.

I am very mindful of my shoes but I need to be more mindful of my back and this will be the way to do it.

I encourage you to go to your local Title Nine or running store to get fit for a good bra! I’ll likely go to my local Fleet Feet now that I have a better idea of my needs when I get new sports bras.

Do you have a favorite bra? It’s important!

Cheers to being supported! ❤️


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