Vanessa Goes From Fat to Float Pod

Hello! How are you? Me, I’m great. I’m feeling solid and recovered from my half marathon that took place weekend before last, and my mind is ready to tackle another! And a marathon!!

Mr. FtoF ran the marathon and I ran the half at the Eugene Marathon. I treated us to a post race indulgence, and the weekend after the race, we took our newly purchased Groupon’s to the local Float Spa*

(*this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with the local float spa. I write it of my own desire and all thoughts are my own)

These pods are filled with warm water and tons of Epsom salt which makes you float. It is very relaxing and is supposed to help ease the left side of your brain so the right side of your brain can be unleashed. Or something like that. I’m not doing the description any real justice.

We each got our own rooms for this. Each room has its own pod and shower. Upon arrival we were given a tour and advised to turn the lights in the room off, shower thoroughly, but briefly, put in ear plugs and then get into the pod. You get into the pod in your birthday suit. I ready online you could get in in a swimsuit, though nude is advised. Their webpage also advises not to shave or drink caffeine before you get into the pod, and suggests eating a light meal or snack 45 mins to one hour before hand.

We were told once we got in, not to touch our eyes or the salt would burn.

Once the pod door was closed, it would start the timer on the pod and turn off the jet in the pod. There was relaxing music and a dim light. You could turn both off, turn either one off, or change the color of the light. It took a little while to settle into my choice but I went no light with music. Which Mr FtoF told me he did too.

I was afraid I would think the pod was too small but in the dark it reminded me of Space Mountain at Disneyland. Because it was dark and relaxing, I felt comfortable and had no real sense of space and didn’t feel claustrophobic.

My mind tends to be always running so it was hard at first to turn it off, which I never really did. But I allowed myself to just embrace the thoughts in my head and because there was no clock or sense of time, it was relaxing to be “off the grid” as they say.

Floating was really cool. I used a head support because I carry tension in my neck and found it hard to float without it. I also found myself feeling a bit like a small child, pushing myself back and forth between the walls and getting my wiggles out.

Eventually when it was time to get out after the hour, the jet in the pod came back on and the lights came back on to tell me it was time to get out. After some stretching, I opened the pod and showered again. I was covered in Epsom Salt water so it felt good to condition my hair and wash off and drink some water. I felt really relaxed.

The days following, I’ve felt like I’ve slept better and been more mentally relaxed. At work yesterday, I felt very “chill” for a Monday. I’m usually pretty wound up. Towards the end of the day though I definitely felt sleepy because I was so relaxed.

Would I go back? Definitely. It is surprisingly not something I thought I would enjoy but I totally do! So did my better half. He wants to go back too, when we can. I have a hard time calming my mind. I value what this did for me.

Cheers to floating!


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