SR Marathon Training Recap: July 2018

Hi! How are you? Me, I’m great. I can’t believe my 2nd month of marathon training is done.

It’s been another good month of running. I struggled a little more than I did in June but still came out strong! Here’s a recap.

Week 6

    Sunday, July 1: rest day. NAILED IT!
    Monday, July 2: strength training
    Tuesday, July 3: speed drills. Track work. My legs were DEAD that day!
    Wednesday, July 4: 4 mile easy run for 4th of July! The strength training gym was closed for the holiday so I ran instead.
    Thursday, July 5: 6 mile run with two middle miles at half marathon pace. I made my pace goals, which felt good.
    Friday, July 6: 2 easy miles before my race the next day
    Saturday, July 7: Dirty Dozen 6 hour endurance race. I did 20 miles with my friend Melissa! Was scheduled for 17 but coach Patrick said I could do up to 20

Week 7

    Sunday, July 8: rest day. Highly necessary after 20 miles
    Monday, July 9: strength training
    Tuesday, July 10: 60 minutes easy run. 4.32 miles total
    Wednesday, July 11: strength training. I and ran 2 miles after work because my head was going to explode after work that day and I needed some outdoors time.
    Thursday, July 12: 6 miles with two middle ones at race pace were on the calendar. I had to run before work because I had a family dinner that evening and so I only had time for five but was really surprised my legs were in good shape. I hit my paces.
    Friday, July 13: 3 easy miles were on the calendar but I needed an extra rest day so I took it
    Saturday, July 14: I had 18 miles on my training plan and drove an hour and a half to run with some friends. Well, I got lost! My plan was to do two miles before everyone arrived and since I didn’t get there early, I just did 16 with the group and called it a day.

Week 8

    Sunday, July 15: rest day. I’m really good at these.
    Monday, July 16: strength training. I also had the day off work and went for a 3.6 mile walk with a friend. I also got a pedicure because my feet needed some pampering.
    Tuesday, July 17: hill repeats. I love hill repeats!!!!!!
    Wednesday, July 18: strength training
    Thursday, July 19: 6 mile run with three middle miles at half marathon pace was my assignment. I did not make any pace goals but got the distance in.
    Friday, July 20: 3 easy miles were on the schedule but I took a rest day since my Thursday run was so hard on my legs.
    Saturday, July 21: training plan had 12 mile long run, and was the start of a taper before my half. I got a few miles in and had my marathon training meltdown (first one of the season!!!!), and called it quits at ten. That was a hard decision to make because it was JUST TWO MILES and I felt guilty, but I knew I wanted to have a good race the next weekend and now was not the time for mental or physical burn out.

Week 9

    Sunday, July 22: rest day.
    Monday, July 23: strength training
    Tuesday, July 24: went for an easy run and did 4.11 miles
    Wednesday, July 25: strength training. I died a little during burpees and wallballs.
    Thursday, July 26: 5 mile easy run was on the calendar. Did 4.8. Taper for the race was in effect.
    Friday, July 27: rest day to prepare for race
    Saturday, July 28: 2 easy shakeout Miles on calendar. Went to the official San Francisco Marathon shakeout and got lost so my friends and I did 2.4 miles!

Week 10

    Sunday, July 29: The San Francisco Marathon, first half marathon. Hardest 13.1 I’ve ever run. Also one of the most fun though! Finished in 3:02
    Monday, July 30: rest day. Definitely needed it. The hills in the race killed me.
    Tuesday, July 31: 4 recovery miles on the calendar. Didn’t quite make it to four. My legs were tired still.


  • July miles: 110
  • June/ July Total miles toward marathon training: 222
  • August Goals
    • Keep consistent with activity. Slow miles are better than no miles
      Roll out more. My legs and feet need it.
      Hydrate like crazy
      Trust the taper
      Run a freaking marathon!

    Cheers to another month of running!


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