On ambition.

Earlier this year I experienced an incident in my personal life (outside of running, working, activity, blogging etc.) that was one of those moments in your life you could either rise from, or allow yourself to breakdown from. It was a hearty moment, and one I hope I never go through again. I will leave my statement at that, though vague, it is important for the sake of this post.

It was a challenge, (nothing affecting my safety or health, just a personal challenge to work through) that has stuck with me and sat heavily with me for a few weeks, and still I ruminate on it at times.

But I decided that this moment in time was a snapshot in my life reminding me to rise up and live my life more than I already had, and I took it to mean one thing. You need to open yourself up to more things in life, and say yes more than you say no.

Someone recently told me my drive was amazing. Others have told me that I am brave and courageous. And while I thank them for that, it didn’t come from nowhere and my drive and ambition have come from a little life lesson reminding me to just say yes and give things my best effort.

I remind myself regularly to say yes. To lean in to things that scare me, to face things that I fear by breaking down my fears and attacking them with bravery. To give in to things I would have likely otherwise said no to, and to dive in with a whole heart.

In that time I’ve gone to auditions I would have said no to. I’ve collaborated with more race events than I could think possible. I’ve applied for things I would have let go of. I’ve had volunteer opportunities I’ve loved. I say yes to new adventures, to trying new things and to opening my mind.

On being ambitious: while I am normally an adventurer, it doesn’t always come easily. If you’re looking to open yourself up to possibility and strength, sometimes you’ve got to look into what’s holding you back before you can move forward. Sometimes a strong self reflection can do you wonders. Sometimes when you let yourself work through the things that are hard, you’ll find something magical in the proverbial rainbow after the rainstorm.

Cheers to ambition. ❤️


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