The Beach Is Gonna Get Whatever Body I Give It

Hi! How are you? Me I’m great. Warm weather has been picking up which means it is time for many people’s least favorite time of year… shorts, tank top and swim suit season.

Last year I had to buy a new swim suit and although it wasn’t my favorite thing to shop for, it did not end up being the worst thing I had to do. I’m patiently awaiting a day it’s warm enough for a pool party or when the beach is warmer than 62° so I can bust it out of my drawer again.

I’m also a big fan of wearing shorts and tank tops and am not necessarily hesitant to do so. In fact sometimes perhaps my length of shorts are questionably short 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I’m like hey, for all the miles I run I’ll wear shorts however short I want.

I realize though that I’m unique in this. So long as my stuff is the right size and comfortable, it doesn’t phase me to wear something showing off my arms or my legs, even if it means cellulite, bingo wings and all, because I focus more on the strength I see in my body rather than my flaws.

If you’re hoping to find the courage to rock some items and show some skin this summer, this is what has helped me.

  • Look in the mirror, a lot! It may be frustrating to look in the mirror when you aren’t loving what you see back. But your body is amazing and does amazing things for you and deserves to be celebrated. Spend a few minutes a few times a week looking in the mirror and pointing out things you really appreciate about yourself and your body. You’ll find it easier when putting your swimsuit on the first time to enjoy what you see if you’ve spent some time looking at your kick ass body before that moment arrives
  • Go into your warm weather season with a positive mindset! Do you go into Macy’s to buy shorts saying to yourself “I hate wearing shorts, my legs are so fat and I look horrible”? Well guess what, then when you go in, you’ve already got that narrative in your head! Go in open minded and you’ll have a much more fun time.
  • Consider all of the great things you’ll get to do if you get over your fear! I love to run but running in the summer in anything more than a tank top and shorts would be miserable. Some days it’s so hot I shed the shirt too! When I realized that if I don’t get comfortable wearing those items I won’t have the ability to run outdoors when it’s warm out, I’ll miss some amazing running days! When I first had to get over my fear of taking off my shirt and rocking the sports bra for running, I realized I would get to enjoy the thing I love, running, if I became confident to wear less clothing. Who cares with what I looked like? I wanted to enjoy my running! Similarly, I won’t get to swim if I don’t get comfortable wearing a swimsuit so it was well worth it to get over myself!
  • Invest in warm weather items you love. If you buy a swimsuit or pair of shorts because it’s cheap but you hate it- you’ll never wear it! Invest. Love what you’re wearing and you’ll feel more comfortable in it. I promise.

If I waited until my body was “perfect” to wear my swimsuit, my shorts or my sports bra I would never get there. So, I’ve got my beach body ready for this summer because the beach is gonna get whatever body I give it!

Body positivity for the win. I’m rooting for you!

Cheers to warm weather clothing!


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