I can’t wait for running to go back to normal.

I feel a little lost without races and group runs. I know they say #RunningIsntCancelled and I’m running enough to keep myself sane while balancing my extreme caution of leaving the house for too long.

But quite frankly I miss races. I miss meeting up at expos with friends and getting to say hi to various race directors tabling at expos that I have met. I miss drinking a pitcher of water and sharing sushi rolls with my running crew while we realize we haven’t looked at the course map at all for the race that’s 12 hours away and have no idea where to expect the rolling hills during our half marathon. I miss race weekend sleepovers where we stand on beds or chairs to take #FlatRunner photos at the perfect angle for social media. I miss races and hearing or saying the words “omg are you so and so? I follow you on Instagram!” I miss medal selfies and my husband asking if I am expecting him to drive home so I can post my race pics to my insta. I miss complaining about how much I spent on a race entry but signing up again the next day when the rerun email comes out. I miss having targets to set. I miss analyzing my fueling and my splits. I miss failing at getting my half marathon PR again but having fun running a race and telling myself it will happen next time.

My most recent race on February 15, 2020
Not sure when I get another one.

I miss weekend running group meet ups where we groan over how many miles are on our training plan for our long run. I miss the phone calls because we decided to run at a new park and someone got lost trying to find it (spoiler alert, it is usually me). I miss the alarms that go off at 4:50 so we can get together and run 15 miles and then stuff our faces with avocado and bacon omelettes with a side of waffles and then wondering where the nearest donut shop is because #runchies. I miss laughing so hard while we run that someone doubles over with laughter. I miss the feeling of squishing my hydration pack bladder to make sure I have enough water, and the excitement of having a toasted marshmallow gu on the long run because it is the best flavor. I miss going to brunch in socks and Birkenstock’s because you can’t bear your running shoes for one more minute but you’re not sure you still have all ten toenails.

I know running is not cancelled but running right now is so beautiful because I still get to, but feels so lonely. I miss my friends and I miss the running community. I am practicing my patience to ensure staying healthy and practicing caution, but I also know that it is okay to be making the right choices while also wishing you didn’t have to.

Cheers runners to health and happiness. ❤️

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