Vanessa’s Shelter in Place shout outs

Okay you guys. We have been shelter in place-ing for like 100 days now and I thought I would share some items that have helped keep me sane through this. All of my thoughts are my own, none of this is advertising for a particular company. Just stuff I like.

My Noxgear vest. You’ll notice in almost all of my running photos lately, I am rocking a new accessory – my light up vest. I have converted during shelter in place to a morning runner rather than an evening one. Working from home, when I first started it, made the days feel like they ran long because I never stopped working or signed off. Starting my day with my run guaranteed it would happen, in lieu of waiting until the end of the day. Though my runs happen close to sunrise and my neighborhood is very well lit, I feel it best to keep my vest on in the early part of my run to ensure cars notice me. I recommend 100%.

Pixie Cup. Sorry fellas, you can skip this one. I was extremely grateful to Pixie Cup when they asked me if I would be interested in their menstrual cup product and sent me one. I strive to find more ways to be eco friendly but this was one area I had not taken the leap of faith. Life, and being active, doesn’t stop just because a certain week rolls around. This product has been something I wish I had tried sooner. So grateful for it.

Mary Kay Clean Proof Kit. When shelter in place first started, I found myself with bad breakouts. I don’t have great skin to begin with but I think stress made it worse. My friend Stephanie at Run Strong Run is a consultant and I reached out to her to see if she had any suggestions. She suggested this kit which came a few days after I ordered it. My face cleared up but also now has a much better glow to it. It is easy to use and hasn’t dried me out or anything. I use it once daily.

Sudio ETT headphones Sudio very generously offered me an opportunity to try their wireless earbuds. I use over the ear headphones (doesn’t go in your ear but uses bone conduction for sound) to run, but found those were terrible to use during my work from home days. I needed to block out sound while listening to music because my husband and I were both working from home to start, and tradition over the ear headphones were uncomfortable to use on particularly hot days. These are great for music, conference calls or just winding down in bed after work to watch Golden Girls. Use Fattofitvanessa for 15% off your own pair.

Reading. Okay so this isn’t a thing, but rather an activity, but reading has kept me so sane lately. I have gone through more books than I care to admit to all of you, and am grateful for my local bookstore who has online ordering, ThriftBooks and my local library for doing curbside pickup. I think I’ve read like ten books since Shelter in Place started (and listened to a few audiobooks too!). I keep toying with the idea of writing my own book and the more I read, the more I debate it…

What products or activities have you found useful during Shelter in Place?

One thought on “Vanessa’s Shelter in Place shout outs

  1. Say what?! I’m so honored to make it in your blog! I’m so glad you’re loving the ClearProof set. As for the pixie cup, hmmm, maybe I’ll have to check that one out. 🤔


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