I may want to lose weight, but am I ready?

Hi! How are you? Me, I’m great.

I am super excited because I just purchased Vanessa Goes From Fat to Fit (dot com)! I now own this webpage!

Last week at my Weight Watchers meeting, someone mentioned a statement that hit home with me. They said “they were finally ready to lose weight”.

When I left the meeting to go running, that thought sat in my head. Am I ready to lose weight? It sounds funny because I’m an active member of Weight Watchers so OF COURSE I am ready to lose weight. Right? Maybe not.

I’m seeing myself in two different mindsets right now. I want to lose weight vs I’m ready to lose weight.

For the longest time, even in the middle of this journey, I think I’ve only WANTED to lose weight. I don’t think for 2017 I was ready to do that.

I liken it to similar aspects of life. One may want to start a family, buy a house, find a new job, move to a different state, etc. but there’s this leap of faith between wanting something and being ready for it.

I think even though I’ve been on this weight loss journey for a while, I hit a stopping point where I wasn’t ready to lose weight.

Wasn’t ready to commit to meal prep.

Wasn’t ready to say no to candy.

Wasn’t ready to put myself and my food choices first.

I wasn’t ready to be in the mindset of weight loss.

I wanted the number on the scale to go down but I wasn’t ready for that to happen. My mind wasn’t in the right place.

And in that moment of realization I identified that we can go through waves of wanting vs readiness in this journey. Even in the trenches of it.

And now I’m feeling ready for it. I don’t just want it, I’m ready.

Cheers to readiness!


2 thoughts on “I may want to lose weight, but am I ready?

  1. Hi from Connect (@kathyb206). Love this post so much. It’s so true. I’ve been at goal weight for a while, but I still don’t feel ready to set a major fitness goal to truly shape my body….belly fat, specifically. Maybe deep down I am still afraid it won’t be possible. But for now, I’ll keep working on getting my mind ready to get there. So proud of you for buying this blog. Your pic looks great.


  2. I understand exactly what you mean. I just admitted to myself today that I am more worried about the exercise aspect of getting healthy, than I am the weight loss. I even thought about not weighing in for a while. I know I will become more and more interested in the weight loss as I continue on this journey, but for now, I just want to be able to run. 🙂
    Thanks for your posts Vanessa. You are an amazing inspiration to me.


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